I Bear Witness

A Memoir of Love, Loss, and the Goodness of God

By Dr. Tim Maynard with a Foreword by Nik Ripken, author of “The Insanity of God”

It has been said that marriage is the act of one person bearing witness to another person’s life. “I Bear Witness” is the memoir of one couple’s journey from a life of joy and peace to the sudden and overwhelming darkness of a life and death battle with terminal illness.

In “I Bear Witness,” the test of their faith in the goodness of God is described with humor, transparency, and honesty. What happens when death threatens to tear apart the precious bond between two soulmates built over a forty-year marriage? This book chronicles their journey.

About the Author

Dr. Tim Maynard has served as Senior Pastor of the Fruit Cove Baptist Church in St. Johns, Florida for the past twenty-five years. A native of Ashland, Kentucky, Tim loves biking, playing drums, and spending time with his granddarlin’, McCail. His daughter Allison lives in Russellville, Alabama, with her husband Patrick, also a pastor. His son Dave resides in St. Johns County where he teaches and chairs the Arts Department of Nease High School. Dave’s wife, Logan, is in management with the Bank of America.

Maynard Family
Tim Maynard, center, with his family, including grandaughter, McCail.

From the Introduction:

… We bear witness that Dr. Tim Maynard is “grieving well.” He is doing so before his God, his family, those who call him pastor, and before a friend such as David had been for Jonathan. This book allows us the rarest of gifts. Tim courageously takes his lacerated heart and places it squarely in the hands of God and the community of faith. It is a rare gift, one to be treasured, and one from which to learn. It is the gift of faith in the resurrection even while the stone is still rolled in place.

—Dr. Nik Ripken, Author of “The Insanity of God”